Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Barbie Cake

It's been ages since I bought the special cake-tin for Barbie Cake from Edi Loyang-Mayestik. But, the opportunity never come to me until a week ago when my eggs-supplier asked me to make a doll cake for her daughter birthday. It's a pro-bono project nonetheless the effort was premium. From 0 to 9 scale... I gave 9.5!! The problem was I never play dolls especially Barbie during my childhood (I prefer climbing up the trees hahahaha... :D) so I have no idea what kind of princess Barbie is... Searching on the net and

kids books which borrowed from my little nieces, and lots of sketches on my scrap book... Here is the result... What do you think?

For myself as a beginner of cake decorations, I think it's quite good hehehehe...(sounds narcisstic? well, I am ;p)

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