Wednesday, September 19, 2007

AngelFood-Pandan Cake

You could find the recipe here. Since Angel food is a bit tricky to make, need a lot of effort to loose it from ungreased tin. I choose a better medium to make it...A silicon bundt mould. No need to grease or line the mould, just pour in the batter, after baked, shake a lil bit and it turns out beautifully. Enjoy...


  1. If you use the recipe that I use it will be different amount of ingredients, since I used a loaf pan and you used a bundt mould

  2. Rea to Andaliman,

    Halo Mbak, i used the same amount of ingredients like u stated in your blog. yes,it's only fill half of my bundt-pan unlike the loaf pan as the recipe suggest. but, it turned out okay really..thanks for sharing the recipe

  3. Hi, I found that when I use the silicon bundt pan like you, the heat was uneven, and the top part was cooked but the bottom wasn't. I used now an aluminium pan with better results!

  4. hi Lynette, yes, u are rite about the uneven heat of silicon minimize it, I usually put it on the middle oven rack. It works well and easy to loose the cake too :D


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