Friday, October 17, 2008

Ivan's Bday Cake

This cake brings a "what-a-small-world" cliche to me..
I got a call from a lady in Jakarta who wanted to order a cake for her brother, here in Bali. She gave me the details (name, cake's type, address) and yet it doesn't recall anything to me...

By some misunderstanding from my courier-man, I had to deliver this cake to Sanur by myself. kinda late than schedule (sorry ya 'van.....), I even didn't meet the birthday man as he went to church on that evening... Asli deh 'van.... rumah lo spooky bener deh jalannya....boooo...

Back to the cliche story: Ivan's worked for the same company as I am and also a relative of one of my co-workers! Hidup AG ya 'van :DDDD

His comment on Heavenly Choco Cake: Uenaaaaakk... orderan kenceng nih!! (Amieeen)

Looking forward for ordering more cakes @Rea's Cake ya 'van :D

Baby 1st Month Cake

Lebaran Fair 2008

Lebaran 2008 has passed away, months ago....
Still I want to share the story from Rea's Cake Kitchen. on this Lebaran, I was so blessed with a whole lotta of cake and cookies order... Hardly could sleep for more than 5 hours in a day for 4-days straight.
The favourite cake is Heavenly Choco Cake topped with fresh fruits.

Following with cookies (you could order it per box or get it wrapped in simple parcel like the pictures below), Rea's Cake provides assorted cookies from classic Kaastengels, Coco Crunchy, Putih Salju, Corny Flakes, Nastar, Vanilla Kattetong and Cheese Mushroom.

Happy Ied Mubarak 1429H

God Bless You

Cake Order from AIG-Brondiva

Ci Feeling from AIG-Brondiva ordered this cake for her client. She noted that the cake must be chocolic-ious and simple because her client was a male...

Oki dokie Ci Feeling.... hope you and your client satisfied with this one...

Thanks for ordering cakes from Rea's Cake