Friday, October 17, 2008

Ivan's Bday Cake

This cake brings a "what-a-small-world" cliche to me..
I got a call from a lady in Jakarta who wanted to order a cake for her brother, here in Bali. She gave me the details (name, cake's type, address) and yet it doesn't recall anything to me...

By some misunderstanding from my courier-man, I had to deliver this cake to Sanur by myself. kinda late than schedule (sorry ya 'van.....), I even didn't meet the birthday man as he went to church on that evening... Asli deh 'van.... rumah lo spooky bener deh jalannya....boooo...

Back to the cliche story: Ivan's worked for the same company as I am and also a relative of one of my co-workers! Hidup AG ya 'van :DDDD

His comment on Heavenly Choco Cake: Uenaaaaakk... orderan kenceng nih!! (Amieeen)

Looking forward for ordering more cakes @Rea's Cake ya 'van :D

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