Thursday, September 13, 2012

Easter cakepops

Toscana Blueberry Cake

A new comer in Rea's Cake Kitchen...

Girly flowers for the bachelorette party

I really loooooooveee this design. This one is not my original design though, I've got the idea from 1000 cakes,cupcakes, and cookies design book. That's really an inspiring decorating book! I modified a little here and there to meet my liking and my client expectation. These cupcakes had a "horror" story behind 'fiuuuhh'.... I was over slept when I took napping...Thanks God, i've made the roses days before also the butterflies.. Been rushing to finish these cute cupcakes in an hour...hehehehe...nervessss! Thanks to the courier man who has been SO patiently waiting for me to finis these and safely delivered it to my clients... Thanks Boni for ordering...

Smooth Rainbow Cake

A classic rainbow colour cake with savoury cream cheese filling and whipped cream that make you craving for more...Been the best seller cake at Rea's Cake kitchen since the rainbow fever hit on Bali. Cake type:light and spongy. Please always put this cake on the refrigerator since the cream is easily melt. You can choose any colour you like if you do not wish to have a rainbow colour too... Please place your order at least 1(one) week before. Thank you

Cakepops for Moreno

Choco cake pops with choco glaze cover, sprinkled with sugar pearls and silver-white trimits. Thanks to Winny for ordering for Moreno's 1st birthday celebration..