Saturday, May 31, 2008

Chocobanana Cupcakes

May 31....My office's family day... We were going to Waterbom!! I've promised my co-workers that I would bring something for them on Family day and I decided to make cupcakes. The original recipe is Lapis Pandan Putih Telur from Mbak Monica which I revised at some parts (the revision are on bold and italic text). I also add banana to enrich the taste and it worked so well.

Chocobanana Cupcakes


350 cc egg whites

10 gr cake emulsifier (Me: ¼ teaspoon)

200 gr caster sugar (Me: 160 gr only)

125 gr cake flour (Me: 80 gr cake flour, 40 gr dutch-process chocolate powder)

25 gr cornstarch

100 gr butter, melted
100 gr very ripe banana (about 1 large Cavendish banana), mashed

100 g dark cooking chocolate, chooped
150 g whipping cream
2 tablespoons rum

1. Preheat oven to 180C. Shift dry ingredients. Set aside
2. Beat egg whites using electric mixer until foamy, add cake emulsifier. Mix well. Add sugar gradually. Continue mixing until stiff.
3. Add dry ingredients. Mix with the lowest speed setting.
4. Add melted butter, fold in using spatula.
5. Pour into cupcake paper. Bake for 20 mins if you are baking on small moulds like I do.
6. Cool and granish with ganache.

· Melt dark chocolate. Set aside
· Whip whipping cream untill double size.
· Pour in melted chocolate. Beat until combine.
· Add rum. Beat again until mix thoroughfully.
· Ready to be use.


My co-workers and their kids loved it!! 30 cupcakes were gone in seconds...

*Big SMILE from the happy baker*

We were happy and jolly on that day....

KBB#5: Banoffee Pie

Just meet to deadline....Gosh!! I need some break to take a breath....fiuuuuhhhh.... I'm really relief that I just finished KBB#5 task. This 5th event is hosted by Mbak Vin and Mbak Santi.

I will post the whole complete story after I fully catch my breath okay?..

Here is the pic of Banoffee Pies:I hope I still meet the deadline for this fifth challenge of KBB. My local time shows 23.25 WITA..
Hosh hosh hosh...(cathcing up breathe)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Contest:Playing with Butter Cream

This is my first time participating in a contest that rely on pure creativity. Playing with buttercream contest is held by Mbak Anne.
The extraordinary thing about this contest is The PRIZE.... Frankly, I have never heard before an online contest especially for hobbies give prizes away for the winner.

The first thing that come to my mind was to make a Flower Fairy In the Forest. For the fairies, I followed the step by step at Clay books by Indira. For the flowers, I used butter cream(Lha namanya juga contest playing with buttercream getooo :D) and I used tip #104 and piping bag which its point I cut into reverse V.

Well, do I a good player in butter cream? What do you think guys? If, you think my cake design is good then please VOTE ME to support me. ( banget deh...:D). Just simple leave your comment to this post.

Your vote would be highly appreciated guys.. :D

Special thanks to Mbak Anne for hosting such a great event so I could spend some times to practise with butter cream. Keep up the good work ya Mbak.