Friday, May 30, 2008

Contest:Playing with Butter Cream

This is my first time participating in a contest that rely on pure creativity. Playing with buttercream contest is held by Mbak Anne.
The extraordinary thing about this contest is The PRIZE.... Frankly, I have never heard before an online contest especially for hobbies give prizes away for the winner.

The first thing that come to my mind was to make a Flower Fairy In the Forest. For the fairies, I followed the step by step at Clay books by Indira. For the flowers, I used butter cream(Lha namanya juga contest playing with buttercream getooo :D) and I used tip #104 and piping bag which its point I cut into reverse V.

Well, do I a good player in butter cream? What do you think guys? If, you think my cake design is good then please VOTE ME to support me. ( banget deh...:D). Just simple leave your comment to this post.

Your vote would be highly appreciated guys.. :D

Special thanks to Mbak Anne for hosting such a great event so I could spend some times to practise with butter cream. Keep up the good work ya Mbak.


  1. WOW! Terpana...cantik bangettttttt Re..*mo ke Bali ahh, minta diajarin hahahaha*

    Makasi ya say utk partisipasinya. Masih takjub niy.

  2. Hi Mbak Anne, thanks ya comment-nya... ayo ke bali lagi dong, tapi Mbak Anne yang ajarin aku bikin kue hehehe...
    Goodluck ya sama Contest-nya....
    Vote for me ya hehehehe

  3. apik tenan put.. terpana ...
    lucu hiasannya dan warnanya oke bangets..
    kapan ya dikirim ke batam :D

  4. Rea, keren bangetttttttttttttt

  5. mbak Rea,
    bagus banget, sampai terbengong-bengong liatnya .. sukses terus ya n salam kenal..


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