Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tutty Fruity

I used to make this cake every time I have a lot of egg whites stocks in my fridge. The left over egg whites usually comes after I made chocolate cakes for Rea's Cake Order. Too pity to be wasted.This recipe is the solution hehehe.

Tutty Fruity
By. Ny Liem

Part I:
600ml egg whites
275g caster sugar
½ tsp salt
1 tbsp cake emulsifier
½ tsp vanilla powder

Part II:
300g cake flour
1 tsp baking powder (if you do not use emulsifier, add 1 tsp more of baking powder)

Part III:
75g margarine, melted
extra oil for greasing

Part IV:
Orange essence
Strawberry essence
Pandan Essence or Melon Essence
Mocca Essence of Chocolate Essence


1. Preheat steamer.
2. Lightly greased mould with oil and lined with parchment paper. If you are using plastic mould, simply grease the mould with oil only. ( I usually use two 2-litres pudding plastic-moulds).
3. Part I: Beat egg whites until soft peak formed. Add sugar gradually, keep on beating. Add salt, emulsifier and vanilla powder. Beat until double-sized and thick.
4. Fold in Part II in 4 batches. Mix till well combine. Stir in melted margarine (Part III). Fold in slowly with large spoon or spatula so the "air" won't collapse too much until well combined.
5. Divided mixture into 4 parts, drops each essence into it. Mix well.
6. Pour 1 part of the mixture to the prepared mould. Steam for 15 minutes. Pour in again 1 part of the other mixture. Steam for 15 minutes. Repeat this process to the rest of the mixture.
7. Remove from steamer and cake mould. Cooled.

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