Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zebra for Mbak Ade

Actually, this pic should be post on July 16th on Mbak Ade's birthday "party" but as always I forget where I put my CF card hehehehe...(well, I still haven't found it till now :( )

Thanks God, my hunny still got some pictures on his camera and edited it for me. Too bad, he didn't has the zebra process step-by-step pictures. I'll try to describe it on verbal then, here it goes:
  • you will need a white fondant, rolled it over until you reach +/-8mm thick
  • Rolled out black fondant and cut it into un-even stripes like on real zebra.
  • Lightly brush the black fondant stripes with a little water then put in on rolled white fondant accordingly to zebra's stripes. Be careful not too brush the stripes with too much water because it will get too soogy and sticky hard to roll again.
  • Rolled out again the black fondant stripes which has been attached to the white fondant until +/-5mm thick.
  • Voila, You are ready to cover your cake with the zebra stripes....
I hope those explanation are clear enough :D

The cake itself is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I'll post the recipe later ya.

At first, the cake idea was zebra motive with Mbak Ade's figurine holding a cigarette but unfortunately, my fingers were all thumbs :(( and I successfully failed in making her figurine hehehe. Then, I changed it into flowery theme as you can see at the picture.

Happy birthday to Mbak Ade...
Wish you all the best

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