Friday, August 22, 2008

CARS:Lightning McQueen

My 1st 3-D car cakes!!
I was sooo excited when Mbak Lia asked me to make a birthday cake for his son, Ivander. She requested a Cars -Lightning McQueen-theme and I offered her a 3-D McQueen. It's like a dream came true because I've been dying (oooops...exaggerating a bit here hehehehe) wanna tried to make this kinda cake.

Hmmmph, it's not as easy as I thought really. I still need to improve my skill on carving. The cars looked too squar-ish, wasn't it? hehehehe..It was RVC - Red Velvet Cake- that I loved to bake. The base is 28x28cm heavenly chocolate cake.

Anyway, the birthday boy was happy and everybody's enjoy the cake.


  1. Hi Rea, pa kabar? makin kreatif aja nih, makanya aku kasih award, ambil ya di blogku

  2. Hi Ti..thanks for the award yah... i'll post it on my blog... Tengkyuuuuuu :*


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