Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mini Cheesecake Pie

This week is PASTRY week for me.....
I made Cheese Stick several times and the last one was Mini Cheesecake Pie (my first experience with PIE really).
Mbak Ade, my hunny's best friend, was having ARISAN at her housing complex. She ordered cheesecake with note "Please make it small Rea, I don't want to hassle the ARISAN host by providing saucer and knife". "Hmmm...Ok", I said. I instantly thinking on slice cheesecake.
Then she called back requested, "rea, I want something that not so sweet, topped with fruit and looks like Pecan Pie". "Could you make something like that please?". ".........", hmmmm..OK", I said.
If you notice the "hmmmmm..." word.... well, it's because I never made pie before. Have no problem about making cheesecake but PIE?? hmmmmm....

I browsed my recipes books collection and decided to make pie shell with bake cheesecake filling and garnished it with fruits.

The recipes follows:

Pie Shell
3 cups flour
6 T white sugar
110 g butter, cubed
110 g margarine, cubed
2 yolks
1-2 T water

Cheesecake Filling
500 g cream cheese
100 g sour cream
150 g caster sugar
1 t lemon
1 t vanilla extract
3 eggs

Pineapple, removed "eyes", thinly sliced.
Mandarin orange
maraschino cherries, sliced into 4
Green grapes
1 t konyaku jelly mixed with 1 t sugar and 1/2 cup of water, bring to boil

*Pie Shell*
  • Process flour, sugar, butter and margarine (feel free to subtitute margarine for butter, it's taste better really) until crumbly. Use Pulse mode to prevent the dough getting to much heat from mixing process.
  • Add yolks. Process until well combine.
  • Add enough water to form a smooth dough. Form dough a ball-like. Put in plastic bag and let it rest in the frigde for +/- 30 mins.
  • On lightly dusted flour, roll dough into 0.5 cm and cut into the pie tin. Trimm excess dough.
  • Lightly prick the dough on the pie tin with fork for not letting them arise to much when baked.
  • Baked for 15 minutes in 160"C.
  • Pour with filling and baked again until filling is fully bake.

*Cheesecake Filling*

  • Beat cream cheese, sour cream and sugar in medium speed.
  • Add eggs gradually. Mix well.
  • Add lemon and vanilla extract. Mix well.
  • Pour into pie shell. Bake for 35 mins on 180"C
  • Garnish with sliced fruits and brush with hot jelly mixture for shiny finishing


Mbak Ade: Enak Rea.... Enak Banget...

Mbak Chaca: wah hebat....bener loe yang bikin? lembut banget cheesecake-nya...(cuma pie shell-nya ga dimaem karena emang ga suka kulit Pie si Mbak yang satu ini)

Hunny: Enaaaak yang. Lain kali garnishnya ditambah daun mint biar tambah cantik ya...

Peserta arisan: wah..pinter banget bikin kue...Enak..enak...enak... Bisa pesen buat ultah anak ku ga?

Aku: "Ya bisa banget lah mbak :D. ditunggu ya Pesenannya. (hehehehe...I think I got a lot of compliments on that sunny afternoon...)

Thanks ya Mbak Ade for promoting me to your ARISAN's ibu - ibu Taman Mumbul.


Thanks for "icip - icip" ya...