Thursday, January 31, 2008


Klub Berani Baking …. Joined the club on Dec 07 and it’s already got into its third round which I luckily could participated. The challenge nummer 3 was PIZZA… Huh?? I was really not sure and felt like had no luck in any kinda bread things.
Done the challenge on January 30,2008 Only 1 day before the deadline.

Here is my PIZZA-Story…..
Jan 30,2008 Hmmmm…I’m really a deadline-girl!! Reminds me a lot on my days in campus *LOL*
>> 6.00am : Prepared the ingredients and pan (I don’t have pizza pan so I use 20cm spring-form pie base, which I use for the 1st attempt only, later on I use parchment paper)
>> 7.45am : checked the ingredients before went to the OFFICE
>> 17.15pm : got home, started the whole process.
#Yeast-sugar-tepid water#
>> 17.20 : I mixed yeast-sugar-water then checked the temperature…Hmmmmmmppph…why the water got cold so fast?? OMG, would it be frothy after 10 mins? Seems not L so, I put warm water into a big bowl and put the cup with yeast mixture on for 10 mins till frothy.

#Dry ingredients#
>>17.25 : Call me perfectionist, I’m okay with that J. Since my bad experience with Flour (I always buy flour from Bogasari product which is sold in 1-kg sealed plastic from the manufacturer) that I found a flour-worm (Yucks!!) even the expire date still 7 months ahead!! Since then, I keep bought flours from this brand (no other choice…I don’t believe another local brand) but I always sift the flour just to make sure it’s worm-free.
Sooooo, I sifted the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl, waiting for the yeast being frothy…

>> 17.31 : Like mentioned on the recipe that kneading time will be round about 5-7 minutes… It’s so true…Only need 6 mins in total to get it smooth and elastic.

>> 17.37 : Put it on lightly oiled bowl covered with cling-wrap.
>> 19.00 : Ready to parted in 3 portions and topped with favourite topping and bake hehehehe. One thing that I regret so was being so excited to see my dough has rose beautifully, I forgot to take a picture of it…I instantly punched it down after removed the cling-wrap hiks hiks hiks….WELL, I just can’t wait to put topping on it!!

#Topping# (sometime between the proofing time …..)
>> 17.40 : melt 1 T margarine, add 2 T chilli paste, add finely sliced lemongrass stick and 3 kaffir lime leaves. Add 100 grams cooked minced chicken breast. Add ½ t soy sauce to season. Let it cool.
>> 17.45 : prepared the cheeses…..I used ricotta, parmesan and mozzarella. Sliced half of a tomato and 1 chilli, sliced horizontally. And defrost 4 stripes of streaky bacon.

>> 19.00 : Divide the dough into 3 portions. Put it on the pie-base pan. Pour the chilli chicken, sliced tomato, topped with crumbled ricotta cheese, chilli and some mayo on it.
>> 19.05 : Bake for 15 mins..
>> 19.20 : The smell of the pizza take a toll in my home...Sniff sniff sniff.... Ready to be eaten :D

>> Crisp outside yet tender inside…
>> Additional comment: Taste better than "Pizza B****" in Ubud hehehehe
For the second pizza, I greased the pizza base with BBQ Sauce from Kraft ( I love it!!), put the streaky bacon, sprinkled a generous amount of grated parmesan, thinly sliced of onion, crumbled ricotta cheese and grated mozzarella. The verdict as mentioned above hehehehe…
Anyway, PIZZA is not a nightmare for me at last…
Thanks for sharing such a great recipe KBB… Muah muah muah


  1. Hmmm... next time i visit bali, perhaps i'll order one or two pans of your pizza.
    whats the recommended topping? :)

  2. Be my guest Darma....
    Recommended topping? Chilli chicken has been the winner so far. With extra cheese for sure ;). Why don't you try it by urself? it's extremely easy and you could use everything on ur frigde as topping :D.. Good day

  3. im not really good at cooking :))
    better leave it to experts. im good at eating good food :p :))))


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