Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yipeee!!! This is the waffle I LoVe!!

After trying so many waffles recipes, this one was definitely the best Waffle recipes I've tried. Its textures and taste nearly like waffles I used to eat at 5 stars hotels wherever I stayed on my traveling time.

I still wishing if someone could share waffle recipe from The Fullerton? Pleaseee..
No worries, I am full of hope. I'll be waiting ;D

Waffles are good with gamut of companions such as fresh fruits, ice cream (yeah, it's the best pairing ever!!!), yoghurt, honey, maple syrup, toffee sauce, chocolate....well, you name it..

I wasn't doing the instruction on exact for the temperature in Bali is getting hotter lately, I mix the ingredients on 5.30 AM and just rest the mixture on warm place then add 3 small eggs instead of 2 eggs stated on the recipe on 9 AM. It turned out just fine and crisp just they I like it. Perfect for my breakfast on SUnny Sonntag.

Definitely yummy....

Last bite..... you could find the recipe here .

Yummy yummy

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