Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cake Pudding

Friday afternoon, just stepped out from my office door and I was on my way to my car then my cellphone's ringing. It showed one of my loyal customer's number, Bu Iin.
The conversation follows:
..........after short former talk.....
Bu Iin (BI) : Rea, I would like to order pudding for tomorrow morning.
Rea (R) : Ok BI, creme caramel like usually?
(BI) : Nope, I want cake pudding. Base is vanilla cake NOT chocolate, the second layer is milk pudding and top with fruit and clear jelly. You got the picture?
(R) : Rrrrr...I think so.... Ok, I'll make it for you. But, this would be my first attempt in making cake pudding.
(BI) : Ok. No prob. I order 2 pieces for tomorrow. I trust you as always....

Wow, really I'm honoured!! What a Trust from a customer!!.

Bu Iin, here are the cake puddings in Orange and Strawberry Flavour... Hope you enjoy it...
The Base: Sponge Cake which I baked in 22x22xm pan to fit in 20x20 cake-ring.
in the middle: Spongy Milk-pudding filled with chopped fresh orange and strawberries.
On top Fruit Cocktail and clear jelly/agar-agar.

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