Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm back!!!

Time to say a BIG Happy Hallo :).

i'm back *BIG GRIN* and i'm happily announcing that my website is finally ready to promote my edible creations.
Please feel free to visit it at

Any input,advice,and critics just kindly tell me :). I'm looking forward for it dears :)

Since I have my official website that endorse in English, I have decided to use a complete bahasa for this blog in future.

Whenever you need a translation of any recipe in bahasa to English, just leave me a message so I would know that you'll need the english version. I couldn't promise to get it back to you soon yet i'll try my best :).

Thanks for reading and I think now it's time to clean up all the mess after 2-years of absence...

Warmest regard,

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