Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tiramisu mit Naruto

Tiramisu is Italian rite? und Naruto ist Japanese...Where they met? In my Tiramisu cake :DD... this cake was ordered by Dhito's Mum for her son 3rd birthday. Dhito loves Naruto and requested Naruto image for his birthday cake. So, since edible image doesn't fit well with whipped cream and frigde, I make the Naruto image from buttercream using transferred-buttercream method. I'll try but not promise that someday I'll show you the method step-by-step if I could manage some time to do so :p...Pray for me please....

Dhito was soooooo pleased with the Naruto and the cake, of course.....
But, I'm not so satisfied with my work bcoz I think Naruto's eyes was a bit pale.... Haiyaaaaa.... The whipped cream was too pale for celebrating such an energetic young boy birthday (Hiks....I'm so cursed in making kids birthday cakes!!)

On the other hand, I love the sides....I used Wilton's scrapper... Nice scrapper really....(try to comforting myself "wink")

In conclusion, everybody's satisfied and I think I should do the same... 'LOLTF'

"Happy Birthday Dhito"

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